MMO biz roundup: The voice actor strike, e-sports crime, CCP VR, Crowfall, and new acquisitions for Tencent, EA, and Nexon


Let’s end the week talking about money. What could go wrong?

  • Nexon continues to pursue mobile here in the west and at home; Gamasutra reports that the Korean giant has purchased Pixelberry Games, a California-based studio known for its mobile games.
  • Tencent has not given up on acquiring part or all of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds studio Bluehole – that’s according to unnamed sources as reported on the Korea Times website.
  • EA just picked up Respawn, notably chiefly for Titanfall. The price? A cool $455 million. EA being EA, the documentation obnoxiously promises bonus payouts to Respawn devs for high Metacritic scores on future games.
  • And finally, Crowfall’s J. Todd Coleman appeared in a new video interview on TechRepublic, discussing how games – MMOs specifically – have been at the forefront of pushing tech and social media and online business. (And he’s right. We’re guinea pigs!)

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Sally Bowls

I was expecting to have heard more about NCsoft earnings from a few days ago. One pr about it was that it was the third Korean game company to do a trillion Keon in a year. I think


Same here. It’s about that time, right? Makes a little nervous that they were caught up in the Esport shenanigans. Lol.


Is that the “liabilities” increase? Looking at the report there a whole bunch of “others” and weird cost spike increases that aren’t just QoQ, but nearly any 3 given quarters of the past year combined. I’m thinking they’re paying high for a school of shark lawyers as well as whatever fees for said shenanigans are thrown at them.

Ket Viliano

Bree likes to live / post dangerously.