Naoki Yoshida confirms that housing purchase changes are coming to Final Fantasy XIV

A lot of these furnishings, too.
There is definitely a problem with how housing is handled in Final Fantasy XIV. The good news is that something is definitely being done about it, according to a recent interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida. Bad news? We do not yet know what that something is, aside from the rather vague “planning to introduce new processes to the plot purchase specifications” that he offers. So we’ll just have to wait until we get a bit closer to patch 4.2 to find out all of the details.

Yoshida has more to say about 4.2’s upcoming content as well, including the fact that there are no real plans for more Disciples of the Hand or Disciples of the Land to be added in the future as well as the hope to use the upcoming Eureka to produce battles different than what we see in the field or in dungeons presently. Check out the full interview to get an idea of what the team is working on for the next major patch, even if that’s a few months away now.

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I’ve been playing FF14:ARR for the last month (my second month of play time since launch) and I have no idea why they even have open world housing. If the idea is that people will congregate in the housing areas and it’ll be like a community it’s a total failure. Unless it’s supposed to be apocalyptic and look like all the people vanished mid-meal.

These areas are dead. There is no-one in the zones to admire what you did with the house. And the housing is scattered over so many different wards and sub-divisions that anyone that IS doing that are scattered to the winds anyway.

A market square-type lobby zone where people could congregate and enter instanced housing would make much more sense if the aim is to bring people together.


There are many terrible decisions being made for FFXIV, but some of them almost make me want to go back to it.

Mr Poolaty

I honestly wish they’d do away with classes and just have jobs. And have blue mage and beast master jobs btw!!!

Chris Moss


Mr Poolaty

1. The app is going to have pay to play features.

2. Finally with relic armor jobs will look or at least have the ability to look how they’re perceived in people’s minds!!

3. Patch 2.2 we’ll finally possibly get housing for all…maybe!!!


Doesn’t matter. I respect the hell out of Naoki Yoshida. He saved FFXIV by proposing and then leading his team through the unprecedented rebirth.

So, is he infallible? No. Will the solution deliver what players want and need? Maybe, I don’t know.

But, what I do know is that the solution they are working on and have been working on will be their best effort.

And that, right there, is all I need to know.