Pathfinder Online perseveres with housing and ninjas


This is your bi-annual reminder that, yes, Pathfinder Online continues to exist and even grow through development. The reduced team pushed out its first patch since last August, but considering everything that’s going into this update, you might agree the wait was worth it.

What’s included here? Ninjas. Or ninja, depending on how nitpicky you want to be about the pluralization. “The new escalation, Over the Crown, brings ninjas of the Ruby Crypt clan,” the team reports, “as well as samurai and wizards of the Shojinawa family employing them, all the way across the world from Tian Xia to the Echo Woods. This escalation is meant for experienced characters, and is both tougher and more rewarding than Gathering of Legends.”

Sounds charming. Other additions with Early Enrollment v14 include the use of ammunition, two new types of premium player housing, less annoying town criers, line-of-sight restrictions, and a renaming of Smallholdings to Freeholds. Hopefully this is a good sign of the future existence of this PvP MMO — what do you think?


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Grave Knight

Hopefully this is a good sign of the future existence of this PvP MMO — what do you think?

:| Uh, how is it Pathfinder though? Like what really makes Pathfinder into Pathfinder is the Pathfinder Societies, not pvp. It’s about looking for artifacts of lost civilizations, uncovering ancient secrets, fighting monsters, not ganking other players in a giant free for all.


Maybe I’ll come back and check this patch out. I love so much of what they’re trying to do here, and while I agree it’s a little strange that the pvp side of things is focused on so much, if they can get some interesting PvE content added, the pvp system does work well to encourage cooperation rather than toxicity in my experience. The way the game works is so different from most other MMOs (at least since the advent of EQ and WoW), that, while some things may be broken, it makes it interesting enough that I WANT it to do well. I am so glad they’re continuing still, but I do hope they can speed these updates a bit and get the game to a point where it can be “relaunched.”

The Balance

It’s great to see a small team continue to deliver. That being said, where is this going?


Honestly this is an embarrassment for a very good Pen and Paper game……though I found out quickly the dev team is stuck in a echo chamber and will not even consider that their choices are terrible ones.

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Peregrine Falcon

I agree.

I never understood how Pathfinder, essentially a D&D knockoff, translates into being a free-roaming PvP gankbox. D&D was never about PvP, it was always about quests and working together to end the badguys. Basically the definition of a quest driven PvE themepark MMO.


Actually, more sandbox than theme park, but it depends on the group in some respects. In general though in D&D you have a vast open world to explore and take on, and I’ve been in and run games that have gone far from the typical stop the BBEG story. It all depends on the kind of game the group wants to play.

In one campaign our party opened a tavern, added on a theater, and spent one solid 4 hour session deciding how it was going to be decorated and set up. I also founded my own church in that campaign dedicated to a dead god of the law. Pern Mason and Ben Mattock remain some of my favorite NPC’s to this day.


Was just coming to tip about the new patch.

I had been reminded of it thanks to the games inclusion in the extra life humble bundle this year and went to see if there was ever any update regarding the mysterious buyer they had been in talks with. (No, no there hasn’t.)

Escalations were always one of the more interesting features of the original pitch, more games should consider the idea. Basically a monster group starts in one hex, and then spread until they are checked and defeated. Making the world a little more dynamic. Or at least that is how I recall the pitch, no idea if they actually work that way in the alpha.