Pathfinder Online perseveres with housing and ninjas


This is your bi-annual reminder that, yes, Pathfinder Online continues to exist and even grow through development. The reduced team pushed out its first patch since last August, but considering everything that’s going into this update, you might agree the wait was worth it.

What’s included here? Ninjas. Or ninja, depending on how nitpicky you want to be about the pluralization. “The new escalation, Over the Crown, brings ninjas of the Ruby Crypt clan,” the team reports, “as well as samurai and wizards of the Shojinawa family employing them, all the way across the world from Tian Xia to the Echo Woods. This escalation is meant for experienced characters, and is both tougher and more rewarding than Gathering of Legends.”

Sounds charming. Other additions with Early Enrollment v14 include¬†the use of ammunition, two new types of premium player housing, less annoying town criers, line-of-sight restrictions, and a renaming of Smallholdings to Freeholds. Hopefully this is a good sign of the future existence of this PvP MMO — what do you think?

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