Visit EVE Online’s massive player graveyard

When you think of an MMO “sandbox,” what comes to mind? Player housing, perhaps, and open world PvP. Maybe a free-form economy, player vendors, and a wide array of roleplaying tools. But what about a cemetery?

A small group of players in EVE Online have labored for a long time to create and maintain a truly unique element of this sandbox: a massive player cemetery in the void of space. Initially conceived by a player named Azia Burgi, the graveyard orbits a small planet in a remote system. Over 1,700 graves pay tribute to player characters while others mark the passing of real-life friends and family members.

“It still stuns me,” said Azia to PC Gamer. “It was just something that nobody else seemed to be doing so I thought I’d have a go and see what happened.”

Azia began the project by scooping up and relocating player corpses left on the battlefield, but the cemetery began to take on a more serious bent when people began to use it to remember their loved ones. There’s a website to track all of the burials, with an enormous backlog of 25,000 or so corpses yet to be interred. Unfortunately, some players have decided to pick on the project, such as when the Goonswarm attacked the cemetery in 2008. CCP said that it will work with the project to ensure the survival of the cemetery as the game goes forward.

Source: PC Gamer
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