Black Desert Mobile’s character creation is no slouch

This is okay.

Concerned that there is no way for Black Desert Mobile to keep up with its big brother in the character creation department? You may be surprised.

Pearl Abyss released a short trailer on Friday that demonstrated some of the options that players will have when sculpting their characters for the mobile edition of the MMORPG. While not quite up to the high fidelity of Black Desert, the trailer shows a wide range of options for characters and some really attractive results. Some of these options seem to include facial sliders, hair color, hair style, stances, makeup, and accessories.

The studio said that it will be revealing a lot more about Black Desert Mobile on November 23rd. Take a peek at it after the break and see if you might be won over to the idea of a mobile sandbox when this eventually releases!

Source: MMO Culture

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Melissa McDonald

Game of the year… again.
Game company of the year, too, in my opinion.

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Looks awesome. Problem is all I ever see of my character if their backside. On a mobile I will see even less. So… while ill give it a try I fear to much attention will be spent on cosmetic things vs actual mobile game play. Time will tell.

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The question here: how long it’ll take some people to make funny faces with this tool?

Too many details to choose, but i guess that’s what BDO players want, for me when a game asks me to choose so many things i usually get tired quickly and start clicking fast and choose quickly, or maybe click “random” few times.