MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2 dev admits to mount lockbox ‘missteps’ (November 12, 2017)

Artwork by gqears2gnomes/knight-mj
Artwork by gqears2gnomes/knight-mj
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This week, Guild Wars 2 players, primed by the last few months of anti-lockbox sentiment in the gaming community, rioted over the addition of pseudo-lockboxes containing random mount skins in the cash shop. ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien has since provided a statement acknowledging that the timing and context were poorly chosen and that the multitude of new random skins unduly exacerbated the perception that ArenaNet was headed down an ugly path. That said, he also points out the upsides: that the mounts are cheap, progressive, and diverse. So will Anet change them? Yes and no.

“Microtransactions can be polarizing, and we’ve received both positive and negative feedback on the license. We won’t change the existing license in a way that would invalidate the investment players have made, but I want to confirm to you that our next planned mount skin releases will focus on individual sales like the Reforged Warhound and bundles like the Spooky Mounts Pack. We will not add any skins to the currently available Adoption License, thus not pushing down the odds of acquiring any one skin in that set.”

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Alex Hyer

the “Spooky Mounts Pack”




You’ve requested variety, and this is a way to support variety. Individual sale is a mechanic that works with a few, flashy skins. Using a grab bag mechanic gives us leeway to create skins to suit a wide range of player tastes while offering a lower price per skin.

Ahahaha so basically, “We had to put in the crappy mounts with the cool looking ones because you if we didn’t then you wouldn’t spend the right amount of money for the good ones.”

Really no one should have been surprised about GW2. They’ve been increasingly moving more and more towards randomization techniques in their business model for a while now. They had a whole set of Black Lion weapon skins that couldn’t be sold on TP. They’ve increasingly added more and more specific cosmetic items that are account bound only from Black Lion chests (and some really high quality ones I might add). Hell look at the Anniversary Sale this year for GW2 and it’s new gamble crates they added and those rewards. None of this should be a surprise.

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They aren’t cheap for shit.


The linked forum thread has already 24 pages and counting!
I guess, posting a response on a Friday didn’t help O’Brien or Anet that much!

Nonetheless it’s the same response we got from them when they tried to accountbound lockbox-exclusive weapon skins sets, which were resalable until then and after the backlash.

Yes, they “hold their promise” and never added another whole actual set, but sure enough they did later get away with adding single accountbound skins to their lockboxes.

So I can’t wait, what they’ll try next to wiggle out of this brandnew pledge! -.-

Toy Clown

I’m so happy to see an MMO’s playerbase raise up in arms and get change initiated. GW2 lost it’s appeal as I realized how shady their cash shop was getting, and how they were in-your-face about it.

Bryan Turner

We got one words, one will tell if theres any follow through. However now there are still 30 mounts only available through. RNG, and now ANET will. Continue to be obstinent at he cost of money because they refuse to make these mounts available for individual purpose.

Oh well it’s only money right, ANETS swimming in cash appaerently so hey an afford to be stubborn.


I bought a mount license in GW2, I got an awesome skin. For a griffin. Which I don’t have unlocked yet.

Bryan Turner

Congrats, you’re sort of like the civilian contractors on he Death Star in a way since you help justify RNG practices in monetization.

Surprised you’re bragging about it.


David Brevik sold random hero boxes in Marvel Heroes for 175 of their in-game currency. Specific hero boxes were 200-600 of the same currency. People really, really like that system for the most part.

Mike O’Brien really doesn’t get it a lot of the time. Like, he’s absolutely oblivious and then tone deaf and almost aloof in his mea culpa.

I bought gems in good faith for Mount skins because they released glider skins with ZERO RNG. They released armor, weapons, and outfits with ZERO RNG. Not telling the playerbase before hand that they were doing this was idiotic to begin with. Heck, they should have asked for feedback prior, but with so much discussion swirling around this in the last few months, it’s quite frankly inexcusable.

How did no one speak up at ArenaNet and say, “Guys, this is a terrible idea.”?

Nathan Aldana

One could point out tho. That system in marvel heroes only came about because their original system was so awful that the entire fanbase of the early days rioted.

Nathan Aldana


yeah, go fuck yourself anet.


Your reply made me laugh out loud. Good stuff.