TERA races to shore up chat vulnerability

TERA races to shore up chat vulnerability
That nasty little loophole in TERA’s chat that hackers were exploiting was patched up over the weekend. En Masse deployed a hotfix on the 11th that corrected “a chat-related vulnerability that allowed the posting of images external to the TERA client in chat.”

The issue became widespread last week after Redditors and forumgoers spread warnings about the exploit, at which time the studio posted a dire notice about the chat vulnerability to caution players. The team followed this initial warning with a further communique saying that while the vulnerability existed, there was no evidence that it had been used to harm players or access their personal info.

“The developers of TERA were immediately made aware of the vulnerability and they are exploring an appropriate course of action with the highest urgency,” the team posted last week. “There are very serious claims floating around of what this vulnerability potentially allows malicious users to do. We are taking these claims very seriously but, as of this time, we have no evidence that the vulnerability is being exploited in these ways or that any player information has been compromised.”

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Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

Just pointing out – the lead contradicts the later statement that the vulnerability was never actually exploited. A vulnerability is something that could be potentially be used for nefarious purposes, a breach / hack is when the vulnerability is realized.

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So it was true…
So many years and we had a backdoor in Tera, on purpose?
Take care when buying any Blue hole software and you allow it to connect to the internet.