Check out the combat coming for Black Desert Mobile

Pity that it doesn't know what makeup looks like.

We don’t mean to alarm you, dear readers, but even in the upcoming Black Desert Mobile you will be expected to fight things. You cannot just resolve every conflict with harsh language and subsequent apologies. The good news is that you will be fighting things with flashy displays of ultraviolence, as you can see in the newest trailer down below demonstrating the combat on the mobile version.

As the trailer’s not even a full minute long, there’s not a great deal to do beyond gawp at the explosions of particle effects, but it does at least look true to the combat already present in the game (albeit from an isometric viewpoint). Check the trailer out for yourself just below and see if you can spot your favorite class on display making monsters explode.

Source: Steparu
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The camera is way too close to your character but hopefully that is just to make the trailer more impressive. Other than that it looks like fun enough but I will need it to have gamepad support. Touch controls for something like this is beyond awful. Oh and of course it will probably have a business model from hell.

Melissa McDonald

Definitely going to give it a spin.


Screen shake – check
Massive particle effects – check
Motion blur – check

Ship it.


Mobile sure has come a long way. Now, if they could just do something about it being mobile…


Will we be able to use epithets or are those extra?


Interesting, looks like only Warrior, Berserker, Witch, Valkryie and Ranger.