Dark and Light wipes chaos servers to add house competition


If you are not acquainted with Dark and Light’s chaos servers, let us refresh your memory. These shards have a heavy PvP focus with all sorts of crazy rules and are being used by the developers to influence PvP development in the game. They are also the target of an upcoming wipe coming later this week.

On November 16th, Dark and Light will wipe and reset all of its chaos servers in preparation of a new tracking system for house competition. Through this, players will earn points for their respective houses by performing certain activities across the game world, such as finding rare nodes or killing world bosses. The competition comes to a head each Sunday, with the top three scoring houses on each chaos server receiving special rewards.

The devs reminded players that the chaos servers are just that: “Chaos servers are still in an early testing phase, and we’re planning regular wipes and potential ruleset changes as we continue testing. We’ll be keeping a record of all houses that have received rewards, and reissue them after each server wipe.”

Source: Steam
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Toy Clown

I just realized this game has PvE servers after doing a quick search. Think this is next up on my list to check out.