Final Fantasy XIV shows off the mechanics of its upcoming Rival Wings battles

'Hey, Roy, let's fight!' 'THEM'S FIGHTIN WORDS!'
In the Dravanian Hinterlands lie ruins that the Sharlayans once used as testing grounds. The Goblins of Idyllshire are still using it for that purpose, after a fashion; it’s a place to test out war machines in battle to simulate a fight against the Garlean Empire. It’s also where Final Fantasy XIV players can go for the new Rival Wings PvP mode, arriving in patch 4.15 on November 21st, and the latest preview shows off more of its MOBA-inspired stylings.

Players are tasked with pushing to the two towers defending the opposing team’s core, then destroying the core in order to achieve victory. Of course, the other team is also attempting to do the same to your team, and both sides have access to special vehicles based off of the bosses from the Alexander raids. So you can lead your team of mammets and players into battle, but you’ll have to split your time between several different mechanics in order to pull out a victory.

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Sounds interesting/potentially fun. Said awhile back that more MMOs could look to find ways to bring in a MOBA PvP mode, because the replayability of a MOBA is so much higher than whatever other PvP mode out there. A Battle Royale mode could work too if everyone’s truly put on an even playing field with stuff like abilities having to be earned/found.


I’m not a huge PVP player….and always thought it was a particular afterthought in FFXIV, but this sounds interesting.

Jon-Enee Merriex

Yeah, I really like where PvP is right now and I think this is going to be a fun addition.