Gigantic has a number of Infernal options for its big November update

Who's a cute little demon creature?

How’s everyone feeling about Gigantic right about now? Probably just a little conflicted, given the shuttering of its development team and its rather ambiguous state under PWE at the moment. But the November patch for the game, the Infernal Hunt, is still coming out as planned, bringing in the eponymous Infernals as a new creature family. They’re available in both juvenile and adult forms, and they have no shortage of tricks to roll out on the battlefield.

Assuming you want to hunt them, you can do so with new skins for several heroes and with new Infernal weapon skins for several more heroes. In short, you have a variety of options about what you’re using to hunt down the little beasties. Check out the preview video just below to see some of the skins and the new creatures themselves in action.

Source: YouTube

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Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

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Did you even play the game? While the game had a MOBA style skill system, it actually had it so your skill points changed how your skills worked, allowing customization, and the fights were far less about mobs, gathering gold, and buying items, it was more centered around a tug-of-war mode and team fights.


wow I liked what they brought to the table. Super fast pace, enjoyable classes, right into the combat, not too much complexity to the upgrade system during combat fights….


I hope this game can pick up some steam