Bungie posts Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris trailer, kicks off expansion stream

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MMO studio streams are so common that we seldom report on them until after the fact and then only if they’ve actually revealed something newsworthy. We’ll make an exception for Destiny 2, however, as Bungie’s prefacing its Curse of Osiris stream with an “official tune-in trailer” today. Call it the carrot-on-a-stick.

“Join Bungie for an introduction to Osiris, the most notorious Guardian in history. Learn about the mysteries, explorations, and battles that await you in ‘Curse of Osiris,’ the first expansion to Destiny 2.”

The first stream begins at 2 p.m. EST Wednesday, which is not coincidentally just 30 minutes after this post goes live. Watch it down below!

Source: Press release

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Danny Smith

So what little they released sounds a LOT like the Underground expansion to The Division. Something players enjoyed at first but the ‘the same location in many variations’ thing got tired.

Of course any persistent loot grind is in totality just repeating shit at the end of the day, but the quasi procedural kind seems to make the player conscious of it while they play and leads to connotations of “laziness” as though the devs create a system to basically create content for them in the longrun so they do less asset creation.

Its going to be interesting to see how it unfolds. D2 itself is very middle of the road so i personally wouldn’t expect a Taken King level of changes and quality improvement this time but console players ran out of steam in very large numbers after about 4 weeks. I wonder if this system and another version of the existing raid can keep people going for another 25ilvl equivalents for that long.


I know that the release has not been without issues, but I’m really enjoying D2 on my PC.

It probably has something to do with my biggest complaint about D1 on my PS4 being that I didn’t like the input system. D2 on PC fixes that big complaint while not really changing anything significant with the rest of the formula.


I never played D1 since I don’t own a console that runs it, but in spite of all the negative posts I see regarding D2 I really enjoy it.

blah blazh

Yeah just picked the game up on my PC. It’s just a fun game to play in my opinion.

Kickstarter Donor

Now, where did I leave my Hand Cannon?

(frantically searches)

Ah! Found it!

Ready to go when you are, fellow Guardians! :-) o7