Shroud of the Avatar entices players to complete survey with in-game rewards


Portalarium and Travian Games are looking for useful feedback for Shroud of the Avatar — and they are not shy in their approach to getting it. The studios is bribing players to take a 10-minute survey about the fantasy MMO in the hopes of understanding “gameplay experiences and expectations.”

The survey in question covers a wide range of topics, such as what makes the game fun, what players have spent money on already, the choice of game modes, quests, combat, dialogue, visuals, and sound. There’s nothing here that suggests any major change to the game or its business model, but it might be helpful for players who want to share specific feedback with the studio.

All survey takers will receive one Gold Crown of the Obsidian (a unit of premium currency) and be entered into a drawing for several other in-game goodies such as a house. To get your reward, you’ll want to take this survey by November 21st.

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Travian Games.. There goes the last hope

Raimo Kangasniemi

They are publishing Crowfall too.

Getting ‘serious’ as publishers – hopefully.

Sherman Sheets

I dumped over $100+ on the kickstarter thinking I could have a home, even a small one in offline single player. Not a free one, just an apartment or a cheap house. Think I have 40 hours in to it and no hope of a house of any kind, not so much as a room at the inn. I tried to voice my concerns on the forum but they just reworded my post and didn’t even address my original point. They where showing off the real money fishing rod and I wanted to see a normal fishing rod or even more info on fishing. I also complained that the email news letter was mostly cash shop stuff and light on the basic content that comes with the game.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Trying to listen to players – surely another nefarious act on Portalarium’s part! *Satire*