The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates Orsinium’s birthday with sales and rewards

Listen, The Elder Scrolls Online players, did you realize that Orsinium has been out for two years as of this month? Because it has. And if you still haven’t bought it yet, there is something very weird going on because it has been two years. (Note: If you are not a player, your failure to buy it is not weird at all.) But you don’t have to fret over that any longer, as the anniversary celebration kicking off on November 16th discounts the expansion to just 750 crowns (it’s 3000 normally) and the collector’s edition to 2000 crowns (5000 normally).

Of course, if you do already own the DLC, none of that helps much. But perhaps you would be mollified just by taking a trip back to Wrothgar, where you’ll earn double the items from crafting nodes, double the rewards from Maelstrom Arena chests, and double the reward boxes from daily quests. All good things, and the sort of thing you’ll want to take advantage of during the anniversary celebration running until November 27th.

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I haven’t played ESO in a long while, so I haven’t really followed the DLC/Expansions they’ve put out.

I was under the impression that Orsinium was a PvP heavy area. Am I mistaken? But if it is, then there is a very good reason to not have bought it yet!

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Orsinium is a pve focused area. Besides Alikr Deserts, it is my favorite zone.
The Maelstrom Arena is a solo pve arena that reward some of the best weapons in the game.


Reminds me that I still haven’t touched any of the DLCs/Morrowind despite owning them but then again I still haven’t even gotten through all of the Daggerfall Covenant stuff. ESO’s just hard to play for long periods when none of my friends want to even give the game a try.


It’s well worth 750 crowns, the zone is awesome. Just as good as Morrowind was – possibly even better, if you don’t count the nostalgia factor.


I really enjoyed questing through Orsinium. Probably one of my favourite zones in the game. It probably helps that i’m a sucker for snowy terrain to begin with..