Dark and Light shows off the environments of the Scalding Abyss


In the Flames of Bel’Xahl patch for Dark and Light that releases today, players will take on the greatest enemy of humanity since time immemorial: convection. Seriously, you are running through a volcano. I don’t care how much Flame Armor you’ve crafted; your body will start to have unpleasant things happen to it long before you can fight new enemies like the Ashen Fist Goblin, Scalding Wyrm, and the eponymous Bel’Xahl. Lava is really hot.

Of course, this being a video game, you can explore this volcano, fight those enemies, craft that armor, and still have a chance to nip off for a dip in the new hot springs added to the game. There are also turkeys running around the world to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. If all of this sounds like the sort of stuff that you live for, you can jump in at a discount when the game is included in the upcoming autumn sale on Steam.

Source: YouTube, Steam
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tony quinn

I advise not even wasting money on this game, I bought on steam and couldn’t even create a character because of the screen not loading properly, So I got a refund thank gawd.

peor togs

Does this game have pve that has lore too it, and not just generic pve? I didn’t realize this was more than a survival game and actually had dungeons… What else does this game have?