Cadena whips her way into MapleStory


Break out the whips and chains: You’ve been a very good video gamer. At least, MapleStory hopes so, because you’re being given one feisty character to control.

The 2-D MMO introduced a new character this week, Cadena. She’s a close combat fighter who isn’t shy about getting to know her enemies: “Armed with her trusty chain, Cadena can swing to different platforms or pull an enemy in close to her. She also has the ability to master various weapon types, and can smash enemies with skills highlighting a shuriken, shotgun, and spiked bat!”

The Liberation of Cadena update doesn’t stop there, however. The team also added 5th job skills for all categories, with abilities such as Etheral Form, Overdrive, and Chain Arts: Fury. Improvements that are on their way to MapleStory following this patch include more character slots, an in-game news service, and an achievement system.

Source: MapleStory

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I love Cadena! Particularly Vancouver in the summer, it’s such a nice place.