Dauntless steps back from constant stability upgrades for a major patch

Some daunts remain.

If you’ve been playing Dauntless since it first released to test audiences, you have probably gotten accustomed to having a large number of patches for the game at a pretty rapid pace. December is going to involve something different, though; there’s going to be one big update dubbed Sharpen Your Skills, and it will hopefully make a major difference in the way that you play Dauntless. The team will still be revealing teases of what’s in the patch, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to actually get it.

The first preview on progression is already available, showing off new randomized Behemoths to hunt, new progression mechanics, and new scheduled targets to give players more reason to keep venturing out into the world. The update will also include a progression wipe, so you’ll be starting over from the beginning to see how the game feels with improvements. Hopefully better, although it does mean you won’t want to worry too much about progression until the update arrives.


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Danny Smith

Hopefully it does something for them. Monster Hunter World is like 10 weeks away at this point and you don’t secure an audience before that you don’t get one.

It makes me wonder if there were other mmos that came out just before WoW that got royally crushed by it. I know FFXI survived but the FF brand is a bigger die hard audience than Warcrafts.


Yeah but that’s for the console version they don’t even have a release date for the pc yet. Still you are correct in saying that time is not on their side.


Hopefully its something good, most that played this a few months forgot it exists and barely login more than 1 time per month now. I was on it daily all of alpha and early closed beta, now i dont login at all. Only got on to do Halloween, took 1-2 days then back off since then. Will try this patch and hope for the best.