Elite: Dangerous player is reaching out to speak with the game’s inscrutable aliens


Remember that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the crew spent the entire episode tracking down and struggling to communicate with a destructive alien life form? (Please conveniently overlook that said episode was undercut by a later video game turning that life form into a big boss fight.) That’s what a player in Elite: Dangerous is struggling to do with the Thargoids. The game doesn’t actually allow for communication back yet, of course, but the player is still trying to understand what’s being said, first and foremost.

A cooperation between player group Canonn Interstellar Research and Benjamin “Heisenberg6626” Bahr has resulted in the video below, representing one of the first attempts to communicate with the aliens. The mechanics of the game make it a limited sort of communication, naturally, but Bahr’s hope in particular is that the designers see that there are players who do actually want to speak with and understand the Thargoids, not just blow them out of space. As he himself puts it, there will always be trigger-happy members on both sides, but the hope is that cooler heads can prevail… and, eventually, talk things out.

Source: Kotaku

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I love the fact that the players are trying that. Frontier have been known to put in hidden tricks in the past to open up new gameplay. (Finding the Barnacles, Thargoid and Inra bases etc), so you never know if there is a trick to it yet.

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This is the reason I have not bothered to fly out there.
Your only game mechanic currently is pew pew pew


huh, this game is getting a lot of news with imaginary gameplay and imaginary gameplay mechanics. Weird. Wonder if people playing this wear furry costumes and hunt imaginary Pokemons too.

I’m off playing Battlefront II imagining a 40hours single player campaign with R2D2 in the lead role. Anyone care to write a story about me?




That’s pretty cool. It wouldn’t surprise me if the devs cater to this a bit although it might be too late. Each new type of Thargoid that shows up seems to be more and more aggressive, perhaps the response given so far has already sealed our fate.


Can you add the bit where, just as they’re communicating, another player ganks them in the back for the lulz?

Logan Darklighter

Yeah – the SDC crew – in particular CMDR Harry Potter – would do exactly that.