EVE Online layoffs lead to the end of a fan tournament

While studio layoffs have an immediate effect on the people that are let go, the ramifications of such decisions can end up impacting players as well.

Case in point, EVE Online. CCP’s decision last month to shutter two of its studios included the layoff of most all of the studio’s social media team. One of these employees, CCP Logibro, helped players with organizing tournaments on a separate test server. Without this help, many of these tournaments are in doubt, including this year’s Anger Games. The event was to be the third in the game’s history, but CCP could not scramble to find someone to assist in this, and the tournament had to be canceled.

Players were upset over the last-minute cancellation, but CCP said it couldn’t be helped: “Sorry we weren’t able to support this as planned. At the minute, we’re currently working on prioritizing quite a few community projects and getting our heads together to resume regular service, but unfortunately the Anger Games happened to be too close to recent events for us to be able to assist.”

Here is hoping that next year, CCP will be in a more stable position and can assist players in getting this (and other) tournaments up and running. But for now, CCP is gambling with employees’ lives and hurting the game culture overall.

Source: Kotaku
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Profits go down, And some other space game is shaping up pretty solid and if living up to its hype make life a living hell for CCP Games.

I played Eve on and off for a decade give or take, but i cant spend that insane amount of time to get shit done anymore.

My last expedition was trying to set up shop in a wormhole a C2 and it took a gigantic amount of planning and time only to be evicted 7 days after i completed everything :)

All that time spend vanished into the toilet and nothing to show for, for me it was a sign to give up and move on.

It was a hell of a run and i participated in almost every great war, but i just cant be online for 6 hours a day playing it as a second job sadly and the PvP has no breakes in this game wich is both a blessing and a curse.

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CCP for some reason hasn’t been able to translate the success of EVE into…well…anything at all as a followup. That’s going to be a problem when the only “product” they have is over a decade old. One single game can’t sustain a company forever, and I think we are seeing the result of CCPs more recent development failures.

Mark Mealman

I think they’ve been very fortunate that their core product is a space game where they’ve been able to keep up with graphics since they only have to deal with single models(space ships, planets, stations). They can keep that going pretty much forever, but the core game mechanics are just going to keep on aging. I’m not sure if they can do anything about those.

Sally Bowls

I mostly agree. Although my take is that a mass market game could support a company e.g. perhaps LoL, WoW or PUBG. But CCP and its core fans were against accessible and against broadening the appeal. HTFU. So a niche game with limited growth requires either keeping the company small (which does not appeal to Icelandic egos or Venture Capitalists) or broaden the product offerings. Unsurprisingly, their first attempt in a new genre is OK but not spectacular. And gaming is competitive enough so that OK games are not that profitable.

Sally Bowls

CCP does not have an excess of resources. And after getting $30M from venture capitalist for VR, my guess is there is not a line of people wanting to invest in CCP. So I think it is reasonable, based on flat/declining players and needed resources for mobile, to expect fewer and fewer resources to be spent on EVE. The good news is that, in the short term, the sandbox does not need near as many people as a patch-every-eleven-weeks themepark does.

I can’t believe even CCP management failed to realize the impact of getting rid of almost all of their community team. If this were just an “oops we over extended, need to tighten the belt” for EVE, then I would have expected more community to be retained. I.e. worrisome

I think the big deal is Fan Fest 2018. IMO, that is too important not to make happen so everything has to be focused on getting that ready, although perhaps on a smaller scale. Last month CCP sent seven employees to EVE Vegas and now the community team is down to perhaps 4?

On a personal level, I don’t esport but LOVE the EVE Alliance Tournament and watch all 20+ hours of content each tourney. I am very worried for it.