Overwatch kicks off a free play weekend across all platforms


Destiny 2 who? Overwatch is aiming to lure in as many of Blizzard’s players as possible with another free weekend. The best part? It’s already here, complete with the newest character Moira, so if you’ve never purchased the team shooter, you can download it from the Blizzard launcher and give it a try right now.

The free weekend is running through the 20th and is available to players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It isn’t a limited experience, either; the studio is allowing everyone to play any of the 26 heroes across all maps and game modes.

Of course, Blizzard hopes to make a few sales from this weekend, which is why it said that any progress made during the event can be carried over if a player decides to purchase the game.

Source: Overwatch

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Took a month off of the game and wow, it is really boring.

Furthermore, I played moira for 3 min and found her to be ugly, uninspired and really pedestrian. Nothing I find fun in a character.

Way to go blizz, with all the creative people in your studio you managed to launch one of the lamest characters I’ve seen since illidan.

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Moira is a lot of fun. Took me a few games to get the hang of her abilities last night, but I think I’m going to like her. She has a definite place in the roster, since you can’t even hide around a corner and be completely safe from her purple ball attack (I can never remember character ability names). She can be a decent solo healer, though like all the non-Mercy healers, it doesn’t hurt to have a second working with her.


nice! might try this if I have time.