Paladins goes full auto with Vivian


Would you rather have a trove of ancient technology at your fingertips or a modern arsenal of rapid-fire weaponry?

Paladins’ newest champion, Vivian, doesn’t have to make this nail-biting choice. The multiplayer title’s 14th character comes onto the scene toting drones, deflector shields, and a no-nonsense machine gun. “Vivian’s abilities are all about outwitting her enemies with ancient technology then destroying them with a relentless barrage of firepower,” the team posted.

Vivian arrived in Paladins’ Open Beta 63 patch this past Wednesday. The update includes an improved daily quest rewards system, a new type of victory spray that shows off your stats, and a new category of chest that allows players to roll to obtain full skin collections.

Source: Patch notes

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Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Vivian , The cunning – Her cunning plan is to be the most generic !:)

Ariel Domen

And there goes another female champion in Paladins with dumb sexist outfit, yay.


lol, I hope youre trolling

Chosenxeno .

Probably not. Which is ridiculous. You don’t see any males in here referencing her looks. Why is Ariel sexualizing this character?

There’s literally 2 out of 1200 comment that reference her looks on YouTube lol a combined 34 upvotes.

Ariel Domen

Nope. I don’t know others opinion but I played Paladins a while and yes I noticed all the female champions have stupid sexualized outfits and yes that puts me off, sorry. And really does it matter if I’m a guy or a girl? Just my opinion.

Bruno Brito

Ash isn’t.

I agree that Paladins have some oversexualization, like Smite. But let’s not go overboard. There ARE exceptions. Ash, Maeve, Tyra are the ones that come to mind.

No need to go that far.

Blop Pie

Ariel makes a good point. This isn’t something we can completely ignore.
I feel that the DEFAULT outfits for men and women should be stylish and practical to their profession/character.
As long as you have 95% men in the games industry then you’ll get lazy inconsequential trash like this character and every other generic ‘curvy female’ body type out there.

I don’t hate any of it but I find it uninspired and a disgrace to the artistry of video games. They can do better but they choose not to do so due to lack of creative talent.