Pathfinder Online drops a small patch to protect mules and fix other errors

mule punchers

At long last, the vicious mule exploits of Pathfinder Online have been addressed. No longer will players group up with their friends and attack their own mules for… some reason. Actually, it probably wasn’t an exploit in the first place, it was just a minor issue from the last patch that has been fixed now. Regardless, in-game mules can breathe a bit easier now.

The patch also brings out various other bug fixes, like no longer making ammunition messages permanent floating fixtures if your character could not fully restock and preventing the housing maintenance cost window from closing in error when paying ahead. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but players who enjoyed the various elements brought out with the last patch will doubtlessly be happy to see the array of fixes correcting issues.


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Good to hear game is still going. There where some good ideas, Pathfinder is a great ip.

The Balance

Shrug, this game isn’t very good and doesn’t have much promise IMO. It died the way it did for a very good reason. Poor execution and baffling design decisions claim yet another victim on the MMO landscape.

I’ll give the three people still working on this game credit where it’s due, they’re doing something I don’t think has actually been done before – improving an existing MMORPG after a catastrophic series of events. These are dedicated, passionate, talented folks.

All that being said, I don’t see a point trying to save a game nobody plays. These efforts could be better spent doing almost anything else. I get the labor of love stuff, but no good will come from a game as catastrophically developed as PFO has been. It’ll linger in this state until the IP gets pulled.

Another cautionary tale of how hard game development is, and how critical it is to have a successful launch. Your game literally depends on it.

Dro Gul

This game gives new meaning to the phrase”That which is dead shall never die”