Dragon of Legends hopes to get on Steam soon


It has been a long while since we heard anything about Dragon of Legends, a pixel art-style indie MMORPG that ran a small but successful Kickstarter last year and then dropped off the map. Fortunately, the project isn’t vaporware, as evidenced by developers cranking up communication over the past few months.

Back in September, the team reported that the game was “very close now to going live on Steam” and that it was focusing on the Ranger and Wizard classes for the Steam build. Moving into October, Dragon of Legends received some Halloween touches and opened up caves for testers to explore.

Just because the game is 2-D doesn’t mean that building its world is simple. Developer Desmond Thackeray wrote up a piece explaining the process of creating 2-D level design and how it is more challenging than one might assume. “If Dragon of Legends is to be successful, we must pay close attention to verisimilitude,” he said. “We strive to make the environments realistic in that the terrain makes sense, and that every scene is full of life and uniqueness.”


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Just thought I’d point out that the Kickstarter FAQ itself states the game isn’t an MMO, despite the article calling it an indie MMORPG. I suggest the writer be a little more careful with genre terminology the next time.

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The website have less information than the Kickstarter page, they should add some information to the home page, what is this game? what does it offer?

So there are classes, races, lore, quests, character progress (leveling and gear), skills system, crafting, The Journal .. a book write your story, i love that.

Now all these systems should be in the homepage for the game, for people who never saw the kickstarter before, they should not need to visit KS page.

Anyway, the game looks nice, i’ll try it when they release it, maybe it will be the one 2D MMO i’m looking for.


The combat and animations look great compared to the other 2D MMOs out. I also wonder how big the game world is. Might just get it to help em out and hopefully I’ll enjoy it.


Backed it on Kickstarter and have been playing. I like it.

Bryan Turner

How large is the game world, I’d hope that with 2D Graphics you’d be able to make a truly massive world that dwarves the 3D AA Mmos? The game reminds me of a Final Fantasy game from the Nintendo years.