EverQuest II previews the Bastion of Thunder

Great plan, boy.

Really, no one should be building a stronghold just to control portions of the weather. It leads to all sorts of problems later on. The latest preview for EverQuest II demonstrates just that, because while Karana, the Rain Keeper, might have had the best of intentions, it turns out that even tucking your Bastion of Thunder away in the Plane of Storms doesn’t prevent people from rushing in and taking control of stuff. And of course it contains four aspects of storms tied to four towers and guarded by storm giants, because now the towers (and, by extension, the storm giants) are in notable danger.

Needless to say, players will be expected to go in and fight against the Tenets of Hate to make sure that nothing bad happen, which means braving both those enemies and the storm giants. There must have been a safer and less ostentatious option for building a weather control facility, Karana; maybe something that looked more like an old convenience store would have brought less attention.


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Bryan Turner

For some reason that old convenient store comment made me think of the super natural beings in Twin Peaks that set up shop in that store front that seems to travel, where ever its needed and seems to be attached to a random hotel as well with an FBI Agent trapped into a room turned into some kind of industrial steam kettle.

That said Secret World should go to the North Pacific next and make a new region and story that pays homage to David Lynch.