H1Z1’s latest patch adds a new insta-respawn map and new dailies

Daybreak has big plans for H1Z1 — that’s the game formerly known as H1Z1: King of the Kill, you’ll recall, as it was rebranded earlier this fall. The battle royale game’s latest update rolls out a new action-oriented 2×2 km map that boasts a shooting range, instant respawn after death, and no parachute drop – “players start fully equipped to get into fights immediately.”

The game is likewise addition new dailies with difficulty modes and Skull rewards that can be swapped for skins, plus balancing updates for specific ranged weapons. Oh yeah, and e-sports.

“Additionally, H1Z1’s global competitive circuit will be closing out the year with the next stop in the Elite Series at DreamHack Winter in Sweden, Dec. 1-3, 2017. Some of the world’s best solo players and teams, including the H1Z1 Legends Invitational winner Jack ‘RizaaR’ Parker and Elite Series reigning champs from DreamHack Atlanta, Chris ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton (solos winner) and Counter Logic Gaming (team winner), will fight for a combined prize pool of $250,000. Solo and Team Qualifiers will take place Dec. 1-2, with the Finals on Sunday, Dec. 3.”

Someday the game might even launch!

Source: Press release, official site
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Nathan Aldana

h1z1. the game thats title references zombies that has no zombies in it