Black Desert resolves disconnect issues, promises compensation

Well, it's something.
North American players have not had the best go of it in Black Desert over the last few weeks. Frequent disconnects have plagued the game, with the studio racing to solve these connectivity issues. The friends list was disabled over the weekend, as it was suspected of causing the problems.

Fortunately, this rocky patch may be coming to a close. The Black Desert team posted an announcement today stating that the disconnect issue has been identified and fixed. There was also confirmation that the team will be providing compensation for the playerbase, although the details of this has yet to be revealed.

“We are deeply sorry that this whole incident occurred and took so long to resolve,” the team said. “We ensure you that we will commit to swiftly solving future problems so that all of our players can enjoy a smoother experience.”


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Cut comment


These are the kinds of issues that will kill this game even when there’s nothing else to jump ship to. They can’t let things like this go on for weeks like this again.

Colin Goodwin

I wish they could drop leaseweb T.T