Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 4.15 with music and MOBA gameplay

ROBOT ROCK - wait, can't play that song.
It’s time to smash up some robots with other robots in Final Fantasy XIV. There’s more to it than that, sure, but the core of the game’s new Rival Wings PvP encounter is that you are leading a team of robots (mammets) against another team of robots (mammets), and sometimes you get into a robot (machina) and use them to smash cores. It’s all of the robot action in the game you could possibly want, and if you’re familiar with the mechanics of MOBA combat, you will likely find this pretty familiar. Try it out for yourself; patch 4.15 has just gone live today.

The new Perform system, on the other hand, is less robot-based. It’s entirely based around making music as a Bard, and that means hitting a whole lot of different notes to make your own original music. (And the patch notes even warn you that you had better be making your own music, thus making the game a place where saying “anyway here’s Wonderwall” might literally get you in trouble.) So you can make your own song after stomping robots for a while. What more could you ask for?


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roo woods
roo woods

Sounds fun . I did try to get into FF14 and got through the content to level 50 and finished the base game’s story but after that I got bored with the quests that made me feel like I was a delivery boy . Couldn’t find a guild that actively used voice chat either ( I think it was because it’s a cross platform game ) . Its when I see stories like this I sometimes think about giving it a second chance .

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Man, a whole music system and a moba with new mechanics and systems in a minor patch?

I’m stoked FFXIV continues to kick ass on the update front.


Those mammets looks so cool.