Magic: The Gathering Arena sets closed beta for December 4


Magic: The Gathering Arena’s alpha development is apparently going well, as according to a new dev blog and press release today, Wizards of the Coast is due to begin closed beta on December 4th.

“Starting December 4, we will begin inviting the first wave of Magic players to our Closed Beta, including bringing back everyone who has played so far in the Alpha. Whereas the Alpha was focused on a few weekends, the Closed Beta will be up and running every day (barring maintenance, downtime, or pirates storming our servers—it’s more common than you think), giving you even more opportunities to try it out.”

Everyone in the closed beta will be under NDA, but WOTC stresses that “initial invite waves will start small,” so even if you sign up right now, you may not get in until next year.

WOTC announced the online card game version of its epic franchise back in September. It’s a different game from Cryptic’s unnamed Magic: the Gathering MMO.

Source: Official site, press release

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Be interesting to see what happens to Magic Duels. Maybe WotC abused Stinless a bit in using them to test the waters before coming out with their own version. However Stailess could have done better with the IP. In any case I hope Arena is good because I find The Magic Online user interface really clunky and frustrating, as much as I like the game itself.

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Stainless has had their time in the sun. I think the first Stainless Magic game I bought was well over 7 years ago. That’s enough time.


Agreed, they have had their chance to do something.