Phantasy Star Online 2 website quietly shutters

Either die or don't.

Players hoping for Phantasy Star Online 2 in the west have been holding onto a thin sliver of hope for five years now. Back in 2012, it seemed like a sure thing, but subsequently fans have basically been taunted and teased by the prospect of the game which has never, ever seemed to get any closer to releasing here. Heck, it’s never even been explicitly stated why it isn’t being released over here. But now, perhaps, the final indignity has been suffered, as the game’s official website has silently shut down.

Is there any hope remaining for the game? We’re going to go ahead and say “no,” because there hasn’t been much hope for a very long time now. The good news, such as it is, is that the game still has no region locks in place, but the reality is that it just seems to have been announced and then quietly forgotten. So long, PSO2’s website.

Source: Reddit

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/le sigh :(

Grave Knight

Does that mean PSO2 isn’t coming soon anymore? XD

Kickstarter Donor

Long ago gave up hope Sega would actually bring it to the west.

Damnit Sega, stop being idiots.


This site with its launcher tool and signup guide are basically all you need to play the Japanese version with the English patch.

Loyal Patron

Would have loved this on my Switch :(

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It’s been a fun time ridiculing Sega’s decision making logic, but oh well.

Helder Frozenheart

Why bother with this game, there are many better options out there, with way less hassle to install and play.


Honestly if they where to release the game in the west at this point all I’d give them is a big FU. Which is what they’ve been giving us for years.