Trove’s freebie Turkeytopia boxes drop sweet turkey mounts for Thanksgiving

My favorite thing about Trove is that its developers feel absolutely no shame whatsoever about leaning into utter absurdity, hard, and frankly, I think that’s exactly what this particular holiday week deserves.

“Turkeytopia is a two-week long event that brings Dream Gobbler invaders to the Dragonfire Peaks biome. Fry these turkeys for a chance to earn seasonal Turkey Stuffin’ Boxes. Opening these limited time items will rarely grant the Trotting Turkey mount or the glorious Wings of Unexpected Ascension! We’re also giving daily login rewards throughout the event. Claim free Chaos Chests, Gem Booster Boxes, Dragon Coins, Diamond Dragonite, and more!”

The whole thing doesn’t even end until December 4th, which means my kid is going to be begging me to log in and get him a turkey mount for the next two weeks. Thanks, Trion. Behold.


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