Massively OP’s guide to MMO Thanksgiving 2017


Stately resting between the gaudy purple and orange of Halloween and merry red and green of Christmas is the earth tone-saturated Thanksgiving. While no one’s favorite color scheme, Thanksgiving does give us a nice in-between holiday with family meals, an awkward dance around politics, a work day for football teams, and the occasional MMORPG holiday event.

While not every online game has decided to embrace the American holiday, enough pop up every year that need corralling. And since we just got turkey certified here at Massively OP, we’re going to lay out all of this week’s event options for you on a platter. So enjoy the festivities and dressing up like a Pilgrim for two days maximum before deeply questioning that fashion sense. Now jingly sleigh bells, size XXXL red suits, and reindeer antlers, that’s a smart look indeed!

ARK: Evolution event

For the duration of the weekend, players can enjoy twice the harvesting rate, taming rate, experience gain, mating interval (wait, what?), and the speed at which babies gestate, hatch, and mature. Grow those turkeys fast and then eat them!

ArcheAge: Feastival

Through December 1st, ArcheAge is encouraging player chefs to participate in this culinary event with daily and timed quests for achievements and prizes.

Black Desert: Turkey on the Table

Through November 29th, players can get special Thanksgiving meal items from activities and combine them into a feast. The “feast” is actually a gift box with a number of fun rewards, so it behooves players to assemble as many of them as possible.

Champions Online: Nighthawk Event

Nighthawk returns for a bonus event that awards 2,000 questionite and costume pieces. Heroes have until November 30th to work their way through quests and save up for the costume and even a hoverbike.

Defiance: New Frontier Harvest

Players can earn a special turkey rocket launcher and a “Glutton” title by participating in the Reap the Harvest pursuit. It ends on November 29th.

EVE Online: Warp disruption bubble VFX test

Forget eating, there’s mass testing to be done! The studio is asking players to help test out the visuals of the new warp disruption bubbles.

Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium’s two-year anniversary

Celebrate the second anniversary of the Orsinium update with deep discounts on the DLC and double node payouts, chest goodies, and reward boxes from Wrothgar questing.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Feast

The sixth season of this PvP event is here — but not for long. The team is keeping it shorter, with this round of The Feast concluding with the upcoming launch of Patch 4.2.

Just Survive: Free crates

Log in between now and November 27th to receive two free crates for this survival sandbox!

Lord of the Rings Online: Crafting boost

No fancy festival here, but crafters will enjoy a 25% boost to their advancement from November 21st through the 27th.

Neverwinter: Bonus refinement points

From November 22nd through the 28th, players level 10 and above will get refinement points every time that they kill a mob. There is a cap on how many bonus refinement points you can get over the course of this event, but hey, it’s always good to get more reward for the same effort!

Neverwinter: Coins of Waukeen

Though November 28th, players can take advantage of the Golden Lady’s generosity. She’ll add coin purses to random mob drops which can be opened or exchanged for reward packs. Get them golden pantaloons!

Pokemon Go: The Global Catch Challenge

The team is rallying players to catch an astonishing three billion pokemon over the course of the week. The more that players catch, the more rewards are given out across the world!

Skyforge: Oceanid Invasion

The third week of this alien invasion is underway, with prizes (such as legendary jewelry) for players who emerge victorious in repeling them.

Trove: Turkeytopia

New and returning rewards and activities mark the reprise of Turkeytopia. Enjoy two weeks of daily login goodies and other fun while it lasts! “We’re also giving daily login rewards throughout the event. Claim free Chaos Chests, Gem Booster Boxes, Dragon Coins, Diamond Dragonite, and more!”

World of Warcraft: Pilgrim’s Bounty

Through November 27th, aspiring pilgrims to Azeroth can partake in communal dining — or a food fight — while also hunting down turkeys, leveling up cooking, and dressing up in black-and-white finery. Check out Wowhead for the full holiday guide.


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Whew! Just had a little Turkey and already had one nap. And before I nod off again, I think I will partake in Blade and Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival and their version of Thanksgiving.

So, this is a crafting event, so you craft a Thanksgiving feast including dining table, food and silverware and the BnS gods reward you with Turkey day rewards.

I’ve crafted my fair share and received various loot goodies including the beautiful dress in the screen cap below.

I did have to pause and reflect on how far I’ve come in my MMO pursuits. I, apparently, will craft for a dresses now. I’ve come a long way err.. I guess. LOL.

Robert Mann

Happy Turkey Day for those celebrating!


*Pats round belly*

We who live North of the border already had our turkey fill in the midst of the golden warms of October! But thanks for posting those. :)


Well, happy belated Turkey-Day to you!

Not sure you guys do Turkey up there. You might do Moose… not sure. Lol!


We do bacon, eh? <3


For ARK, it says something that they have had more issues doing events post-“launch” than they did in early access.

“we will not be hosting an event for Thanksgiving this year due to our efforts being focused on Aberration and getting it out in December. We apologise for the lack of event this time of year, we love hosting holiday events, but unfortunately, we just didn’t have the time to do so.”

And, speaking of Aberration, with the current launch estimate being December 12, that means the Season Pass is on sale again (25% off) before people who bought it at full price get the first new DLC out of it.

In happier news, I managed to get the new ally and mount in Trove’s Turkeytopia before heading off to holiday meal stuff with friends. :)

Zen Dadaist

Rift is doing some sort of money off different daily mounts thing. Though it’s technically more about Black Friday than Thanksgiving :p

Zen Dadaist

Aha, and there’s the more apt Black Friday post!