ARK: Aberration targets a December 12 release


Following at least two delays, ARK’s next expansion finally has a release date of December 12th.

Aberration will take players spelunking in the most terrifying environment possible, although the promise of new tech and sights is enough of a lure to overcome the obstacles. We hope.

In this realm, players will deal with a malfunctioning ARK, tame new types of creatures (such as a Lantern Pug), craft dozens of helpful items, and use ziplines and wingsuits to explore this strange new place.

The expansion pack will retail for $20 and is included in the season pass. Check out the trailer after the break and try to put all thoughts of a sequel out of your mind!

Source: Press release
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The long awaited optimisation done already ?

logs in, walks to a base and !!! damn……20 fps….logs out.

Erik Heinze-Milne

Has this game even left early access yet? And they are releasing ANOTHER paid expansion?

Kickstarter Donor
Chris Neal

I love Lantern Pug very much.

Jesse Schulkers

Wait. There’s a season pass? Haha wow.