Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs dungeon run treasures are ‘blatantly overpowered’

Just because Hearthstone is a multiplayer card game doesn’t mean that Blizzard is ignoring its solo player community. In fact, the upcoming Kobolds and Catacombs expansion has an entire mode that’s strictly for soloers called Dungeon Runs.

Dungeon Runs are semi-randomized crawls through a series of eight encounters (pulled from a list of 48) that players must beat using a starting deck and the choice of additional cards as you progress.

Mission Designer Dave Kosak sat down to talk with the community this week about the Dungeon Runs and the tasty treasure that awaits. Treasure cards are “blatantly overpowered” abilities that can only be used during these runs.

“Some of these treasures are bonkers by design,” Kosak said. “And some are bonkers by accident.”

Source: Hearthstone

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Was the headline of the article written in that way just to test people and see if they actually read the article? Lol

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My initial thought is: if it’s single player, who really cares? I don’t play, so I don’t know if this affects the reast of the ecosystem.