ECO’s player housing is more beneficial than you think

It's possible to start from a basis and go someplace innovative, but you have to be starting from that innovation.

In some online games, player housing is mostly a way to show off personal creativity and set up a space of your own. In ECO, however, it will be much more than that.

The dev team introduced its new housing system, saying that setting up an abode will be an important way to help your character to grow. You know, before the end of the world and all that.

“The better furnished your house is with the more variety of rooms, the faster you’ll gain skill points,” the team said. “Adding furniture of matching categories to a room (i.e., bathroom, living room, bedroom) will provide a room bonus to the property owner, and having multiple rooms of various types will apply a ‘balanced house multiplier.'”

Of course, make your house too big to draw these benefits, and you’ll be putting the planet at risk. Shame on you. Player housing arrived in the Alpha 6.1 patch.

Source: Kickstarter

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At which point, creativity goes straight out the window as people optimise their houses to provide maximum skill point bonuses. It’s the same reason it was never worth visiting any #1 ranked house in BDO – all you’d find is a mass of identical furniture stacked in every conceivable space to score maximum points.

I would much rather housing stayed in that space where one section of the playerbase go ‘Eh? What’s the point?’ and the other section go ‘Yay! Happy Home Designer!’