Black Desert Mobile makes compromises to fit in your hand


When you take such a rich and full-featured MMO sandbox like Black Desert and try to fit it on mobile, it only stands to reason that you are going to have to sacrifice some features to make it work.

Steparu recently took a look at the Korean showcase for Black Desert Mobile, noting that while it had some of the same bells and whistles as its PC counterpart, not everything made the transition.

Players will be exploring the world from an isometric perspective, using tried-and-true mobile techniques like auto-run to facilitate questing. Some of the features that will be present include deep character customization, world bosses, PvP sieges, and life skills.

Black Desert Mobile will come out in Korea in early 2018, followed by a global rollout later that year. Check out the trailer after the break!

Source: Steparu
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Mr Poolaty



Now I can play Black Desert on my phone while I AFK process Black Desert on my PC!


Sheez. That wa actual game play on a mobile? Can you handle your mobile device after game play? Because it seems like it would be glowing hot. GPU/CPU at max.

Riccardo Tavano

Worry not ! The battery will be dead before the GPU/CPU can heat up :D


Lol. Yup. You are probably right about that.