The Daily Grind: Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs this weekend?

I did a ton of shopping – all online, mind you, as I’m not so far gone as to actually put on pants or leave the house on Black Friday – this past weekend, and quite a bit of it was gaming-related. I dropped money for games for my dad, my husband, and my kid (he’s getting Path of Fire, but he’s too young to read MOP yet, so he won’t be spoilered!). I bought a pile of new Android games and a few little bits off my wish list on Steam too.

What I didn’t do this year was spend anything in an MMO cash shop. It’s not that I am against it; I have a stack of gemmies sitting in Guild Wars 2 waiting for something to grab me. I just keep finding that my MMORPGs that they aren’t offering things that are enticing to me. I won’t buy lockboxes, and I’m not dropping the price of a full-scale AAA video game for a mount because that’s ridiculous. And there’s almost nothing “early access” I’d actually play for free, let alone pay money for. But here I am with money willing to buy the right shinies, and the studios are acting like it’s lockboxes or bust (or buttcapes or bust?) instead of selling me those shinies. It’s frustrating, but I guess my wallet stays that much fatter.

Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs this weekend, or do you find yourself in my same predicament? And if the latter, what did ya get?

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Yup ESO Morrowind. It was a great deal

Raimo Kangasniemi



WoW Legion at half off. Who knows when I’ll actually get to that content, but I at least got some immediate benefit when I played a “trial 100” character for part of the intro and unlocked a swift gryphon mount for my trouble.


Sure did, for lotta games… power bills online, telecom bill online, waste disposal bill online, insurance bill online and taxes online which is my faaaaavourite by far!

I’m so gorged with gaming content that if I see the postman land another bill in my mailbox they will need to hire a replacement /growl

Kickstarter Donor

I did not, alas because I took advantage of the PC hardware sales and now have a 1600x with a ASUS Crosshair VI Hero and a Samsung 960 EVO 250G M.2 hehe.


I did in STO. There were a few ships I wanted and with the combined bonus Zen and 25% off, I got them pretty cheap.


Not yet. Still debating if I want to get 8k Gems in Smite or not, been farming up trading cards and selling them to try and cushion the cost since money’s a wee bit tight for the moment.

Kickstarter Donor

I got the legion expansion nice and cheap from Blizzard, picked up a couple of steam titles on sale too that I had on my wishlist. Beyond that not really..xmas coming up too much money to spend on other things.. :(


Yeap, got a few items I wanted in BDO.

A Dad Supreme

MMOs? No.

There’s nothing new of quality out and I’ve played all the ones I’m interested in already.

Did buy receive Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 for $20 each on sale though. So far, Horizon Dawn is well worth the money and far better than putting $20 back into an old MMO for nothing new.