Albion Online brings in the battle mounts

Albion Online PvP Game Designer Michael Schwahn jumped into the dev talk this week to discuss the new battle mounts that have come to the game, such as the command mammoth and the flame basilisk. While you can fight and cast spells from these mounts, the team doesn’t want to see only mounted warriors on the battlefield. To enforce this, the bonuses from mounts do not stack, which means you only really need one of each type in your group to stay effective.

“We envisioned this is we have two armies clashing, and you have 10 to 20 normal players without mounts and one or two mounts accompanying them and amplifying their strength,” he said. “We don’t want to push the game into only mounted players.”

Schwahn also talked about artifacts, which are powerful weapons that excel in group battles. Get the full scoop after the break, and if you’re on iOS, make sure to check out the just-launched testing for that client.

Source: YouTube
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Thomas Zervogiannis

These are nice additions, and the core gameplay is good for the audience it targets – I still have fun in it, progressing with a little project I have set there. However there are more pressing problems than adding mounts in the game like:

– Performance. Even in solo or 5v5 instances, there is a lot of stuttering, making combat really annoying. ZvZ is most times unplayable. They promised performance improvements in the upcoming Kay update, but why have we not seen incremental performance improvements until then? I am skeptical and afraid that this promise will prove to be just wishful thinking.

– World Content. The mounts added do help a bit to that but are not enough. Digging their own hole by making only one single city (Caerleon) viable and killing off the other cities, which in turn makes the world look tiny, does not help in this respect either. Unfortunately I do not believe there is a solution for that at this point. And them being defensive about their choices means they do not intend to change anything in their world design.

– Guild QoL improvements. Many guild leaders need to compensate for the lack of guild management features in game and burn out because of that. They promised this with Kay, this I actually believe that they will deliver to some extent.

– Better communication with the playerbase. Deleting comments with criticisms en masse from their forum and even the reddit subforum does not help in establishing a healthy connection with the playerbase.

If they do not solve all of the above they will simply lose the remaining core playerbase they have (around 25k characters that have at least logged in as of last week, actual players are much less due to alts, launch was above 100k).

It is sad because there are a lot of great elements and the game is really fun, but the problems (especially the performance) ruin everything.