Demon’s Souls ends online services after nine years of operation


Has it already been nine years since Demon’s Souls first appeared on the scene, bringing its now-famous brand of ultra-hardcore action combat and progression? Apparently is has, and the studio behind the original game of the series has decided that nine years is long enough to keep the servers up and running.

While gamers can still enjoy Demon’s Souls as a single-player title, after February 28th, 2018, nobody will be able to access the multiplayer components that connected the community. The team announced this week that it is shutting down the online servers early next year, which will effectively kill coop play and multiplayer features such as leaving notes for others and seeing death markings of other players to help avoid your own demise.

“Let’s get the tough news out of the way: on February 28, 2018, the servers for Demon’s Souls will be shut down,” publisher Atlas wrote. “The game will remain fully playable, but online functionality such as in-game messaging, player death locations, and World Tendency features will stop working. It’s with mixed emotions we say goodbye to the service. Countless players have enjoyed Demon’s Souls and the functionality it introduced to players when such things were rarer.”

Polygon noted that the online servers were originally going to be taken down in 2012, but the publisher made a last-minute call to keep them up and running.

Source: Atlus via Polygon, Gamespot
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