Marvel Heroes: Former dev says Disney’s not the bad guy, Xbox One grants automatic refunds


Still reeling from the abrupt early sunset of Marvel Heroes yesterday? Same here. If you want a little closure, maybe check out Kinda Funny Games, which yesterday posted an interview with former Gazillion Systems Designer Anthony Gallegos, who discusses the collapse of the studio.

Gallegos suggests that Gazillion is going through “some kind of bankruptcy” and notes actually furloughed employees a week and a half before the layoffs – and indeed, lost a quarter of its staff from layoffs earlier this year. He also confirms that the license (he says “contract”) for Marvel Heroes was lost in October and negotiations with Disney/Marvel began anew.

This was a time when Gazillion reps were telling the press and the playerbase that “the company [was] functioning normally.” It clearly was not.

“This isn’t like a ‘Disney’s the bad guy thing,'” he says. “There were obligations that Gazillion had in this contract, and something must have not worked out, and so Marvel had pulled the plug.” The frustration, he said, was that the team had a ton of new content just awaiting a button push to go live, like a new Thor and Spiderwoman. And the new game to make Gazillion more than a one-game studio was actually happening; it was two employees working on materials to “shop around.”

“The biggest shame of it (outside of the employees not getting their PTO or anything like that – no severance, which sucks) is that for the people who bought it on console, they had the game in March, and now it’s gone.”

The interview’s down below; the meat begins around 5 minutes and runs another 20.

In the meantime, as we reported yesterday, Microsoft is completing refunds for all Marvel Heroes Omega purchases on Xbox One – in fact, we’ve now had reports that those refunds are happening automatically, even for Xbox One players who didn’t contact Microsoft at all.

Source: Kinda Funny Games. Thanks, Brandon and Alek!


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My in-game time was well worth what I spent. So I’m sorry for the employees, but no refund request here. But I can understand all the people that feel cheated and want some kind of justice. Hope you luck!

Josh Daugherty

Sony won’t do anything about the refunds talked to tech support yesterday after waiting for 10 minutes. There only advice was to contact the developer’s to see if a refund could be given. In the PS Store on the TOS Sony states that they won’t offer refunds on already used items or content that has been played.


Looks like PS4 users are left out in the rain for the most part.

A Dad Supreme

The frustration, he said, was that the team had a ton of new content just awaiting a button push to go live, like a new Thor and Spiderwoman. And the new game to make Gazillion more than a one-game studio was actually happening; it was two employees working on materials to “shop around.”

Man, I know this feeling.

It’s like when you’re in a PvP match and you see a guy who doesn’t see you, you take your time to line up the shot and then… BAM!

His buddy comes around the backside, shoots you dead and runs on by.

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Jack Pipsam

Glad Microsoft is automatically doing refunds, that’s real awesome of them to do.
Hopefully Sony follows suite.


I’ve spent a significant amount on this game to build a nice roster of nicely-costumed heroes. Despite this I am not seeking any refunds, even for more recent purchases. I got my enjoyment out of what I bought – even if I would have expected an MMO to last longer.

I see some people on reddit spending massive amounts of time over something like a $5 refund, which bewilders me. If they got many hours out of the game, are you that hard up for $5?

Dug From The Earth

Its as you say… did you get your money worth?

Ive spent around 200 bucks on this game since release, have over 700 hours played. Had TONS of fun playing it, some great memories and times. I feel I more than got my money worth.

Someone else, on the other hand, might have just dropped 15 bucks 4 weeks ago, and only played 2 hours since. I could understand them wanting a refund.

Denice J. Cook

Surely public claims of sexual misconduct within Gazillion would be something the Mousekateers would do just about anything to avoid coming under the crosshairs about. I expect it was only after this revelation leaked out that financial support was pulled, and Disney’s magnifying glasses focused solely on Gazillion and its product were put on.

Otherwise, Gazillion probably could have convinced everyone to carry on, with promises of player base increases due to the new incoming content.


Xbox and PS4 peeps possibly getting refunds, but PC folks can’t even ask for one; the website is gone.


For the XBox, at least, that is because Microsoft is eating the costs of those refunds to avoid tarnishing the platform’s reputation.
(Also, Microsoft knows most of those refunds will be then spent on other XBox games anyway, so they will recoup a large part of the refunds.)


I suspect, but have no solid information to support, that there will be nothing left before Gazillion finishes paying their creditors. If there was, they’d have paid PTO to their employees. California law only allows them to not pay that if higher-priority stuff (creditors come first) eats up all the money. I am, of course, not a lawyer.


The game was never truly successful from a business perspective, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Gazillion still owed creditors after liquidating all assets.

Nate Woodard