Trove continues to fine-tune its Adventures update

As any game developer knows, a new content update is not only an opportunity for players to have more fun but for the game to brew up more bugs. And thusly the hotfix was born to deal with the more egregious problems that couldn’t wait, and developers rejoiced.

While Trove’s November¬†Adventures update contained a lot of new toys and improvements to the social clubs, it wasn’t perfect. And so now the game is on its third post-patch hotfix, this one mainly focused on correcting some issues that arose with clubs, such as the reinstatement of the membership cap and club portal visibility in the main hubs.

Other tweaks include fixing some client crashes, more information in the club fixtures tab, and a guard against club decor overlapping (which Trion calls “Franken-fixtures”). One thing that this hotfix didn’t address was the removal of tethering, which Trion Worlds said will be coming in a future patch.

Source: Patch notes

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