Wurm Online teases horse saddlebags


A giant sandbox world is never commplete, and the developers over at Wurm Online continue to slave away to make their pet project all that much better.

In a short post on the forums, the team hinted at one community requested feature that has something to do with horses. Based on the picture shown, the players quickly leaped to the conclusion that saddlebags were finally coming to help with inventory space issues.

“Just wow, saddlebags, I’ve been praying too hard,” one player said. “There is a Wurm God! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Thanks cannot cover the sentiment, yet it’s all I’m left with.”

The team also mentioned that it was making some changes to missions so that players would be able to find traitors in dark pendulums and extending the duration of freedom missions to a full week.

Source: Wurm Online
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This is such great news and the players have been asking for it for a looooooong time. Exploring the lands and even logging out far away from home will be so much better now. And with the added ability for your horse to stay put, either with the saddle or tied to a tent, overnight excursions are truly possible now!

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It’s all fun and games until your inventory runs off into the sunset without you. Also, the indignity of double fanny packs. But fortunately, in games, neither is an issue (have you seen what the people wear?) so bring on the additional space.

Melissa McDonald

Yes that’s definitely a good thing to have additional storage on your mount.

Hopefully we’ll see something like that in Wild West Online. It has perhaps the most realistic horse movements/animations I have yet seen. Just riding around was fun.

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Tobasco da Gama

Seriously, more games need to let you store some of your crap in saddlebags.