Aion EU kicks off Christmas festivities

It’s beginning to play a lot like Christmas around these here parts. Aion’s European version is getting a jump on the holiday season with the start of its Solorius Festival.

“The gleam of snow and scent of gingerbread: Atreia is full of cheer and getting ready for the Solorius Festival,” the team announced. “The Christmas trees have been decorated, Christmas hats are the latest craze in the towns, and those who are not careful keep finding themselves caught in the crossfire of a rain of snowballs.”

The festival contains many activities, including playing a virtual board game, a Shugo game, the Snow in Atreia event, and plenty more. Even better, there is a string of boosts that will be running through ost of the month to help players with increased drops, AP, and crafting results.

Source: Aion EU

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