Pocket Legends Adventures brings the Spacetime magic back to mobile


Once upon a time, Spacetime Studios was well-known as one of the few heavyweights in the mobile MMO space, putting out a stream of successful titles like Pocket Legends and Space Legends. While it seemed to fade away in recent years, the studio is looking to make a comeback with this week’s launch of Pocket Legends Adventures.

Released on both iOS and Android platforms, Pocket Legends Adventures offers players a “casual take on old-school MMOs” with a strong emphasis on social gameplay. The game uses a lobby structure with plenty of instanced stages that individuals or teams can explore.

Improving upon its older games, Spacetime allows players in PLA to enjoy an open character creation system, collect pets, use a wide variety of weapons, and compete against others in multiplayer zones. Check out the launch trailer below!


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Eddie yadav

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peor togs

Sounds interesting. Need to see if it has wasd movement and how deep you can actually character build.. Looked a bit like a 3 Rings game I used to play…