Betawatch: Star Citizen sells land… in space! (December 1, 2017)


Selling spaceships that don’t exist yet? That is so 2016. The new thing for Star Citizen is selling land that doesn’t exist yet, which (as with the aforementioned spaceships) the developers are quickly pointing out is totally optional and won’t result in any advantages. You can make your own giggles about how appropriate it is, although as a crowdfunding approach it does have a storied legacy.

Moving right along, let’s dig into some other beta news, shall we?

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As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed; we also do not list expansions, with occasional exceptions.

AdventureQuest 3D: Open beta
Boundless: Donor alpha
Camelot Unchained: Backer alpha
Children of Ur: Open alpha
Citadel: Forged with Fire: Early access
Closers: Closed beta
Crowfall: Backer pre-alpha
Cube World: Closed alpha
Dauntless: Closed beta
Dark and Light: Early access
DayZ: Early access
Divergence Online: Alpha
Edengrad: Early access
Eleven: Closed alpha
Ever, Jane: Open beta
Gloria Victis: Early access on Steam
H1Z1: King of the Kill: Paid early access
Just Survive: Paid early access
Legends of Aria: Final alpha, formerly known as Shards Online
Life is Feudal: Open beta
Line of Defense: Early access, removed from Steam
OrbusVR: Closed beta events
Origins of Malu: Development moving forward on battleground experience, MMO suspended
Osiris: New Dawn: Early access
Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
Project Genom: Closed alpha
Project Gorgon: Free, open testing
SamuTale: Closed alpha
Star Citizen: Backer alpha
Stash: Backer alpha
The Black Death: Early access alpha
The Culling: Early access testing
The Exiled: Early access; formerly Das Tal
The Repopulation: Closed alpha
TUG: Steam early access alpha
Valiance Online: Alpha testing
Wild Buster: Limited alpha testing
Wild Terra: Steam early access
Wild West Online: Early access alpha on November 15th
Worlds Adrift: Closed beta

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Loyal Patron

Well someone’s gotta pay for the crazily expanding scope of this giant flaming gasbag. At this point if people want to buy the right to buy land in space in the future (you are not buying land, you are buying a claim pole that will give you first shot at the right to buy the land for more money), well, you’re no longer preying on wide-eyed innocent suckers like with the Kickstarter. Everyone knows the state of this now.

The Dallas Dapifer
The Dallas Dapifer

PT Barnum was completely wrong, a sucker is born every second.

possum440 .

Pay to win vaporware…..never thought I would see that in my lifetime.


Even EA would blush :D


What most gaming medias have completely missed with this debacle, you are not purchasing land!

You are literally paying $50 or $100 for a pixel stick.
This stick doesn’t give you any land at all!!
What it does, is mark a 4km x 4km or 8km x 8km area depending on which version was purchased.

Once you have marked the plot of land you intend to purchase, you take the data chip from it and head back to the nearest government bureau and register your plot and then you can buy it.

This pledge, does not cover the price to pay for the actual property.


What the literal shit? So you’re paying for a pixel flag? I mean, really?


Selling land that doesn’t exist yet
Well as my grandpa used to say…..
“Fer fuck sakes”

roo woods
roo woods

I am just interested in the logic that some of the backers have when they argue that this game is not going to be pay to win .

Surely if you can buy spaceships and now land it will give you some advantage in the game over those that don’t ?


People use all sorts of mental justification for it, ie
it is not winning because you cannot win an MMO
it is not winning because you can earn it in game regardless of the time requirements
it is not winning because bigger ships will cost more to run
it is not P2W because it is crowdfunding

But let’s face it, you’re buying something that other people will not have at launch or for quite some time after launch, therefore you are obtaining an advantage for cash.


Yeah but you have to understand that SC managed to attract that sort of player.

An average player will never be able to be competitive in this game because the whales will be able to outspend them.

But the whales that are funding this game know that and they want to have that advantage, and that’s fine, however, I doubt this game will be fun to play in a competitive manner.

Joe Blobers

Quote roo woods: “spaceships and now land it will give you some advantage in the game over those that don’t ?”

Yes those guys will have and advantage over a new player with an Aurora. So in theory Pay to Win. Now define what “Win” mean.
– To have the biggest land or fleet possible without grinding? That would be P2W
– Discover all facets of gameplay without spending thousands of hours you do not have anyway? Not P2W. Just because you Win nothing. There is no Win in discovering the all game. At best this an end. As a sudden the Winner become the Loser because they missed the all concept of MMO :)

And what about genuine player starting with an Aurora, playing day and night and after 1 year having many lands and ships. What the difference for the new player if he is shoot down by a fleet bought with $ or a fleet bought with in game Credits? Sounds like Time to Win.

At the end, all guys with fleet bigger than an Aurora should be segregated into different instances… which could be the answer of possible unfairness of P2W / T2W.

Loyal Patron

Like with Battlefield II, the rabid people want it to be pay to win while being able to deny they paid to win.


Thinking of checking OrbusVR out. Going to watch some reviews first though.

Fallout 4 VR comes out around the same time and that could be taking up a lot of time…


Wonder if Star Citizen will try to beat the record set by Entropia Universe for price paid for virtual land in a game ?