Citadel Forged With Fire’s free Forsaken Crypts expansion is live


Should games that are still in early access release expansions? What if those expansions are free for those who own the base game? That’s precisely what Citadel: Forged With Fire has done today with Forsaken Crypts, a free update Blue Isle Studios devs are calling its “first major expansion pack.”

“Available for download now and free to anyone who owns the game, the new expansion pack adds a huge amount of endgame content, and players can now face off against three massive bosses in three different citadels. Each area will feature specially themed armor and tons of brutal creatures to do battle with! Prepare to explore the lava-laden Dragon’s Heart Citadel or search for the Pyrant Armor as you battle your way through the frozen Dragon’s Heart Citadel.”

The update includes the three endgame dungeony “boss caves” previously demoed, along with appropriate armor sets. Check out the trailer for a preview!

Source: Press release, Steam
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Daniel Miller

Honestly it is a cool game. It is still developing. The way i really see this game expanding is guild or linkshells.

Its a game you can bring your wow, or Archeage guild, get your own server and have fun. Kinda like a multi player skyrim.


This comments section is like the game so lonely.