World of Warcraft’s 7.3.5 begins testing as allied race, environment, and zone scaling spoilers abound

Really studying the heck out of a skull.

So the latest raid for World of Warcraft is out now, but perhaps you don’t have a regular raid group. What will you do while waiting for the content to be available? Perhaps you’ll try out the new test realm, which is rolling out the promised worldwide level scaling for leveling characters. The scaling will ensure that you can enjoy zones in their entirety before outleveling them, along with level-appropriate rewards along the way.

Future updates to the PTR will include new Silithus changes, new Ulduar timewalking, and more post-Antorus content. But that’s not there yet.

Or you might find other things to do with your time, instead. For example, the sixth season of Legion’s ongoing PvP challenges has started, so maybe you don’t care much about Antorus but do care about beating the living snot out of fellow players. Heck, the bright side about Antorus is that there will be ongoing tuning and new Legendary upgrade items coming even from Mythic keystone runs, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work your way up and get things done regardless.

Those of you spoiler-inclined should scope out WoWhead; quest and dialogue text reveals, plus there’s information on new mounts, updated models and customization options, the “wound in the world” environment overhaul, maps, racial embassies, the backpack promo, and tons of allied race details. As the site points out, zone scaling is due to hit the game ahead of Battle for Azeroth, and this update is so far giving us a glimpse of how the level bands function.


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