Identity answers player questions, gives game overview


A trio of Identity’s developers sat down for an extended question-and-answer session about what’s happening with the creation of this virtual life simulator. The good news is that there is a whole bunch of additional brainpower working on the project, as the team has tripled in size over the past month.

The devs explained why the early progress faced a lot of delays: “We didn’t have the programmers that really knew how to solve some of the issues we were facing. We were doing a lot of learning on the job back then… We were struggling trying to get over each hurdle.”

Player customization, law and order, and player housing are the three critical features that the team considers at the core of Identity, as it’s being designed to be a very social MMO. There are numerous sound issues with the video, but if you’re patient and curious, there’s some interesting information and sights below!

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