Dauntless offers a video preview of its next major patch


The next big update for Dauntless is going live this month, and there’s a lot of stuff in it. A new weapon, two new behemoths, new combat mechanics, the cell system… plenty of good stuff for players to experiment with. This is, of course, why the developers have spent a lot of time writing updates about the new systems for the patch. But if you prefer a video explanation and preview? Got you covered there, too.

Yes, you can check out a video overview just below showing off the new behemoths, new combat upgrades, and so forth. It’s just a quick overview of all the things coming for the patch, but if you aren’t already excited it should serve to whet your appetite for when the patch does come out. Check out all five minutes of overview just below, which is lengthy enough that you should get a fairly good idea of what’s going into the patch.

Maybe not on the subject of the gear-enhancing cell system, that’s hard to explain visually, but the idea is there.

Source: YouTube