Guild Wars 2 announces weapon contest winners, adds new in-game book interface

Remember that design-a-weapon contest that Guild Wars 2 was running last month? Well, it is all over now, and ArenaNet tallied up all of the player votes to come up with three community-designed weapons that will be brought into the game.

The first, second, and third place winners are a torch, greatsword, and sword, respectively. Those winners get a signed print of their design and a ton of other goodies in addition to the pride of seeing others run around with their creation. The top three were chosen out of over 900 entries that the contest elicited.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, some sharp-eyed players noted that there seems to be a new book interface for reading in-game literature. Nothing big, but hey, it’s easier on the eyes and even is tied to an achievement.

“So glad folks are enjoying the books,” said Bobby Stein. “It’s something we talked about doing for years and it finally came together late in Path of Fire development.”

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don’t quite a few of these weapons look exactly the same as the last fan made weapon event they ran a while ago? almost like people just resubmitted the ones they used before?


It’s probably the same contest. It just took a while for the voting and results.


iirc thats the first weapon contest for GW2.


Darn! The new book interface looks good, but I was hoping it would be something to allow us to keep them as permanent unlocks. Maybe next time. :)


Lets play a rousing game of cash shop or soul crushing Legendary material grind that tempts you to convert gems to gold…

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So they added an UI element that’s basically how all NPC text are displayed… from GW1, to GW2. You can say later is better than never, but allow me to just lol for someone has read all the in-game lore books back in the days, and ever wondered why couldn’t something like this be in the game since day one.


It’s a bit more than that, it has actual turning pages, sound effects, and such. It’s a really cool little interface.