Niantic will reboot Ingress into Ingress Prime next year


Niantic is delivering a massive upgrade for Ingress next year. “Reboot” might even be a more appropriate term.

The company most people know for its bumbling stewardship of Pokemon Go actually launched Ingress in 2012 as a Google venture but then was spun off into its own company. Prior to POGO, Ingress was surely the biggest player in the alternate reality mobile MMO genre, pitting gamers against each other in a massive cyber war overlaid on the real one and causing my husband to drive out of our way to that pancake house in Sacramento to “capture” the node at its infamous bear statue more than once.

So if you are an Ingress player who’s been feeling like the proverbial red-headed stepchild while POGO got all the love and Harry Potter joins the fray, the announcement of what Niantic is calling Ingress Prime ought to fill you with glee. The reboot will boast retooled graphics and an improved UI as it moves to POGO’s more modern tech platform to make the game more appealing to newbies and also crack down on cheating. Critically, Niantic says the game will be “fully staffed,” contrary to the studio’s olden days when it had to shut down player node submissions because it lacked staff to approve them.

Hey, at least they aren’t calling it Ingress 2018. Check out the announcement vids below.

Source: The Verge

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Rob Gale

Once I realized I was paying the equivalent of a large monthly sub at the gas station to support my Ingress habit I knew I had to quit. Can’t deny the adrenaline rush of trying to get a massive field completed in the middle of the night before anyone on the other team noticed though. Good times.

Zen Dadaist

I’m waiting to see if they pull a SWL on us and wipe our accounts with maybe a token badge awarded to players of the first version of the game. I sincerely hope not. It would absolutely kill my interest in the game, just as the SWL switch did.


Coming out of the gate by painting Niantic as known for its “bumbling stewardship of Pokemon GO” is disingenuous at best, and flat out poor journalism at worst.

I’m no Niantic white knight, but PoGO is undeniably one of the most successful games (across any platform) in gaming history. Yes, they were unprepared for their Chicago event, and I won’t defend that fiasco. But by constantly and forcibly pinning that scarlet letter on the chest of the creators of the brilliantly fun Ingress, and PoGO, which I still play regularly with my kid, as do my brothers with their families, is uncalled for. It almost feels personal, and makes me wonder.

I can’t wait for Ingress Prime, can’t wait for gen 3 in PoGO, and can’t wait for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Niantic is onto a good thing with their AR games.

Just my two copper.